About us


We are a small but passionate team of young professionals, ranging from software and hardware developers to graphic designers and artists. Our collective of creative minds have gathered to deliver the most satisfying live event experience we can.


Audioform strives to bridge the gap between the audio and visual experiences of electronic music. Our products are revolutionary. Our LED matrix displays and intricately designed customizable patterns are a treat to the body and mind. We will create only the most supreme products in order to enhance your sensory experience. We are the missing link between light and sound.


We are based out of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.


The concept behind Audioform was conceived in the winter of 2016. Co-founders, Damian Polan and Marshall McMahon, collaborated over their shared passion for light displays and electronic music. The pair began at the drawing board that spring, creating the prototype for the Pixie wearable.


Our passion stems from the innate human desire to feel connected. Whether it be with your surroundings or peers, Audioform will always strive to deliver quality experiences that enhance and intensify your musical lifestyle. Every member of our team has been involved in the rave and festival scene for years. We know first hand how important the environment we cultivate will be in riding the next wave of electronic music culture.


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